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Let's learn together X-ray CT can play a big role in materials and life science. We are here to help you get started.


What is X-ray Computed Tomography?

X-ray computed tomography (CT) is an X-ray imaging technique that can non-destructively scan the density distribution of an object in 3D. To learn more, read X-ray Computed Tomography: A Brief Introduction or watch Webinar - X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials and Life Science - Introduction.

Ask the Expert

Ongoing webinar series

Do you have more in-depth questions about CT image analyses? In this Ask the Expert series, we invite experts in various CT fields, ask them questions, and learn from the best. The covered topics include deep learning, drug development process, digital rock physics, filtration simulations, experiments design, metrology, and X-ray image simulations.

See details of each episode and register for the upcoming webinars.

Deep Dive Workshop

Interactive workshop series

Did you know that you can use CT for modeling and simulations? In this Deep Dive series, we will run three episodes over a three-month period to cover a specific topic and take a deep dive into it. In this first episode of "Digital Rock Analysis" Deep Dive, we will review how to collect high-quality CT images of a drill core that can be used for digital rock analysis. Register for this virtual workshop. You can watch it live and ask questions, or watch the recording later. Watch the workshop recordings and download sample data and analysis tools.

Image Processing Workshop

Interactive workshop series

Have you ever wondered how things like denoising, unsharp filter, and CT reconstruction work? Or how to choose the right technique? In this workshop, we review how these image processing techniques work and how to choose the right one, depending on the goal of the analysis. We demonstrate commonly used image processing and reconstruction calculations using ImageJ and Dragonfly. You can download the sample images and follow us through the process. Watch the workshop recordings and download sample data, analysis tools, and companion eBooks.

X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials and Life Science

Webinar series

Our webinar series has helped many people learn what X-ray CT (computed tomography) is, how it works, and how it can help in various research areas. If you are wondering if this technique is for you or looking for an imaging technique that can help you solve your research and production problems, you can start with this webinar series: X-ray Computed Tomography for Materials and Life Science.

X-ray Computed Tomography Virtual Workshop

Interactive workshop series

We have demonstrated many X-ray CT tools in our workshops. You can see a demonstration of micro and sub-micron resolution CT scanners and image analysis software. We experiment with different scan and analysis conditions we choose with the live audience, compare the results, and discuss how to improve image quality and analysis results for various samples. If you want to see how X-ray CT measurements and analyses are done in action, you can start with this series: X-ray Computed Tomography Virtual Workshop.

Mini Tutorials

X-ray CT explained using ImageJ | presented by Aya Takase

This mini-tutorial series explains basic but very important concepts of X-ray CT using ImageJ, an open-source image processing tool. You can download ImageJ and sample images and follow the tutorials to get hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of how X-ray CT works and how the resulting images are analyzed.

Publication List

Find out how people are using Rigaku X-ray CT products and producing results. Go to the publication list.

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