X-ray CT analysis for dimensional analysis

X-ray CT computed tomography is a non-destructive 3D imaging technique. It can scan the entire volume of various parts, allowing analysis of external shape, internal shape, and defects such as voids, cracks, and inclusion.

Application examples:

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CT metrology application 3D printed part dimensional analysis

Dimensional analysis techniques

Dimensional analysis of cast, machined, or 3D printed parts is an important process of process control, failure analysis, and research and development. There are mainly three techniques to measure dimensions of complicated shapes:

Each technique has its pros and cons. A CMM is considered to be the most accurate, but it can measure only selected points on a surface. An optical scanner can measure the entire surface but cannot see any internal structure. An X-ray CT scanner can scan the entire volume, including the internal dimensions and defects, but the sample size is rather limited compared to the other two techniques.

All three techniques listed above, including X-ray CT, can analyze parts dimensions, such as the size of parts, diameter of a hole or cylinder, etc. You can also define XYZ coordinate and apply full GD&T analysis to test tolerances of various measurements.

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