X-ray CT analysis for food samples

X-ray CT (computed tomography) is a non-destructive 3D imaging technique. It can reveal the internal content or microstructures of food products, such as fat and protein distribution and air bubble distribution in breading. These characteristics influence the texture or mouthfeel of food products but are often difficult to define and control. X-ray CT is helping to automate some quality control procedures that have been done manually (Vidhya et al., (2017) J. Food. Process. Technol., 8(5), 1000673). X-ray CT can help to quantify these parameters and automate quality control procedures. (See Life Science section for analysis of seeds, grains, and kernels.)

X-ray CT scan of corndog - frying oil and air distribution analysis

Application examples:

  • Fat and protein distribution analysis in meat
  • Air bubble/void analysis in bread and breading
  • Coating thickness and delamination analysis
  • Salt grain distribution analysis
  • Freezing and defrosting process analysis

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