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Angela Criswell | Director of X-ray Imaging

Rigaku Americas Corporation  |  Texas, USA  |  +1-281-362-2300 x 216

Angela holds a PhD from Rice University and has been with Rigaku for 21 years. She started in the Macromolecular Crystallography Applications lab focusing on X-ray techniques to study structural biology. She has gained expertise in a number of X-ray methods in her tenure at Rigaku, including small angle X-ray scattering and X-ray computed tomography. Angela likes working with customers to find the best fit for their samples while addressing their specific experimental questions.Want to learn more? Connect with Angela on LinkedIn.

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Aya Takase | Director, Product Marketing

Rigaku Americas Corporation  |  Texas, USA  |  +1-281-362-2300 x 208

Aya holds a PhD in engineering from Osaka University and a MA in physics from Tokyo University of Science and has been with Rigaku for 25 years. She started in the X-ray Diffraction Application Lab and transitioned to X-ray Imaging in 2017. Her goal: Help non-expert X-ray users achieve expert results with less time and effort. She has worked on many projects designing automated and user-friendly X-ray instruments and analysis software. She is very passionate about helping people learn more about X-rays and working with X-ray users to solve their specific problems.Want to learn more? Connect with Aya on LinkedIn.


Junichi Sato | Application Scientist

Rigaku Corporation  |  Tokyo, Japan  |  +81 3-3479-0618

Junichi Satoh holds a PhD from Tokyo University of Agriculture in Bioscience and has been with Rigaku for 6 years. Junichi likes helping customers to find the best way to analyze their samples. He also maps development plans for future X-ray CT instruments and software.Want to learn more? Connect with Junichi on LinkedIn.


Natalie Müller | Application Scientist

Rigaku Europe SE  |  Neu-Isenburg, Germany  |  +49 6102 7799 971

Natalie holds an M.Sc. in biosciences from the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, and has been with Rigaku for one year. Since then, she has been responsible for the CT Demo Lab in RESE (Neu-Isenburg, Germany) as an Application Scientist. In addition to her scientific education, she has several years of experience in sales and marketing. She knows how to identify the customer's needs and is always ready to answer their questions. “Nothing is impossible” is her motto. Natalie is always eager to take care of the customer from the initial inquiry to possible product training and provide solution-oriented support.Want to learn more? Connect with Natalie on LinkedIn.


Peter Oberta | Managing Director

Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe  |  Prague, The Czech Republic  |  +420 273 136 951

Peter holds a Ph.D. in Physics with a focus on X-ray optics and imaging methods from the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Palacky University. After a few years at the Swiss Light Source, he joined the Rigaku Prague R&D team in 2012. He was involved in several X-ray detector and optics development projects and is now more active on the management side of Rigaku Prague. Peter is passionate about X-ray technology and is always available to explain to customers the principles and current limits of this technology. He loves challenging samples and always tries to find a way how to meet customer requirements. Want to learn more? Connect with Peter on LinkedIn.


Viral Vaghela | X-ray Imaging Account Manager

Rigaku Americas Corporation  |  Texas, USA  |  +1-774- 275-1934

Viral graduated with a Bachelor of Chemistry from Worcester State University. For nine years, Viral has helped customers in the analytical instrumentation industry specializing in electrochemistry and material science. He loves working with high-tech instruments, test equipment, and software that can make our world a better place. He is passionate and relentless in providing the best customer experience and service for X-ray Imaging solutions.Want to learn more? Connect with Viral on LinkedIn.

Service Team

Our service engineers are experts on X-ray instruments. They have been trained at Rigaku facilities by senior engineers from our headquarters in Japan.


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